Dedicated Servers Are So Famous?

Dedicated Servers Are So Famous?

In this competitive business and online world, enterprises look for a reliable web hosting infrastructure without compromising the web hosting standard. Hence, many enterprises and businesses worldwide prefer the managed dedicated server hosting plan where web hosting csompanies like MilesWeb will look after technical operations of the hosting aspect.

You must buy a cheap dedicated server from MilesWeb with enterprise-level servers, top-notch configurations, and reliable hosting infrastructure. Remember that such hosting servers are buzzing in the enterprise world and many industry segments dealing with resource-heavy web projects only host them with dedicated servers.

Why are they so popular? And despite being the expensive hosting option, dedicated hosting solutions are more popular. In this guide, we will be answering all queries briefly like Benefits of Dedicated server. Continue reading.

What is dedicated hosting?

It is a web hosting service where servers provide an isolated web hosting environment to website owners. Thereby, there is no problem hosting resource-heavy websites or applications with security concerns. After all, in dedicated hosting, there are no server resources shared with other hosting account users. Unlike shared hosting, one hosting account user gets an entire server. Then, it is upto the hosting account user how many websites and applications they want to host.

MilesWeb, the leading dedicated hosting provider in India, have affordable dedicated hosting plans where plans start at Rs. 6,999 per month. Moreover, their dedicated hosting plans are comprised of different web hosting resources like a higher bandwidth, many CPU cores and an excellent storage space. So, whether your websites are compatible with Windows or Linux operating systems, you prefer their reliable dedicated hosting.

Managed Dedicated Hosting: In a Nutshell

As the name depicts, managed dedicated hosting means web hosting providers give technical support to website owners. Suppose a downtime or any server-related issues occurred that creates a problem for internet users or website owners accessing web files. In such cases, they require a good IT team to manage servers to resolve technical errors at the earliest.

MilesWeb is the leading web hosting firm that offers reliable dedicated hosting solutions with 24x7 managed support. If website owners experience any technical glitches while running the web hosting operation, the managed support by dedicated hosting service providers will resolve them in no time. As far as the communication channel is concerned, MilesWeb extends the support via email and live chat.

Why Would you need a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated hosting is the best hosting option in terms of performance and reliability. Having a dedicated server means you are the entire owner of that server. So, if you don’t know who requires this hosting service, some factors make dedicated hosting an utmost priority.

  1. Faster Speed of Websites
  2. Maximum uptime of websites
  3. Minimize the risk of any viruses

Data security is an essential element to ponder over for your website. Hence, with the dedicated hosting, there are no server resources shared with other hosting account users, and one user will be its complete in-charge. Therefore, you can optimize the specific requirement of your website and make relevant configurations to store your web files.

Getting full root control is possible because of the dedicated hosting server. After all, there will be only one web hosting account user that will take entire server resources.

Then, what if your website is growing? It is a fact that with the growing business, you need to grow your website as well. Thus, there is a requirement for reliable servers with more storage and the space dedicated hosting servers can quickly meet.

What about the extended downtime of your websites? If server resources are shared among different web hosting account users, there are chances of extended downtime. So, eradicate this issue by preferring dedicated hosting.

Why is Dedicated Hosting Gaining Popularity?

The internet world is rising and you have to build volumes of websites and applications to establish a strong online presence. Thus, a reliable hosting infrastructure is needed to host web projects with complete efficiency. Therefore, dedicated hosting services are essential and emerge as the reliable hosting option for website users worldwide.

With MilesWeb’s enterprise-level dedicated hosting services, website owners can manage their domains because this leading hosting company offers cPanel and managed server support (at additional costs) with their dedicated hosting plans.

Moreover, if you are looking for a higher uptime for your websites, get MilesWeb’s dedicated server that offers 99.95% guaranteed uptime with top-notch web hosting services.


Undoubtedly, dedicated hosting services have many things to offer to website owners worldwide. If you are looking for an isolated web hosting environment, dedicated hosting services are the best option. MilesWeb offers a reliable dedicated hosting service with top-grade features to host volumes of websites and applications with cPanel and a good size bandwidth. So, start your successful online presence and secure your websites and applications with the dedicated hosting.



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